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Boxful of Ragdolls So Cute Kitten (Video)

impressed on how clean this house appears given the fact that 11 cats live there along with their humans. That is so wonderful to have a 3 generation family of cats like that all together! They surely have a wonderful life. They are all so beautiful and unique in their own little ways. I’ll always have a soft spot for Manon though, They’re so cute. It’s like having their own office booths lol. Giselle seems to really like it and it may be a better exercise for the belly princess than the wheel since she enjoys it better. When they are in a grid, it’s like an adorable version of those little slider puzzles where you need to shift a square out of the way in order for another to take that space, I’m impressed by how they managed to get all those cats to sit in the boxes for so long to take a picture. So cute, I’m laughing right along with them…. guess you can say a few were thinking outside of the box…I’ll see myself out.